Steel elevatorshaft with a length of 20 meters mounted within 2 hours

For a special application, Lipro designed a goods- and passenger elevator with the entire steel shaft with guiders, controls and engine hanging on the roof of the building. This hydraulically driven lift has a liftingheight of almost 18 meters. The shaft was fully pre-assembled, which allowed the mounting on the spot to proceed very quickly.


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Freight elevator for fully automated transport

This week, the testing of a freight elevator that transports containers fully automated by conveyor belts is finished. The controls are being adapted, custom made, so that via Modbus / TCP the process-automation communicates with the elevator-control. The elevator receives commands to go to a stop or level through the Modbus protocol. In addition, the control receives continuous feedback about the position and status of the elevator, so the elevator is being displayed and checked by the controlling software. This version has a capacity of 2800 kg and a lift height of more than 7 meters and will be used for the transport of bulk containers.

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Powerful Vertivator

Recently, Lipro delivered a Vertivator with a high lifting capacity. This type of vertivator is suitable for loading up to 1000 kg. Due to this high lifting capacity, this Vertivator is not only suitable for disabled people, but also useful for transporting goods. Because of  the flat walls and doors, the vertivator can be mounted directly next to a staircase.

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Hydraulic elevator with frequency converter

Lipro provides control-units and software for use in hydraulic elevators  with a frequency converter. Using this frequency converter offers many advantages:

* Lower energy use, save energy up to 50%!
* More quiet
* More comfortable
* Significantly less heat development

For newly build, renovation or even upgrading the elevator, the advantages are very interesting. Contact us, we inform you about savings and specific advantages.

MG-passengerlift in a glass shaft

This passengerlift, build conforming the machine-guidelines, combines a modern and abstract glass shaft with an elevator with cabin-doors. Still this elevator only needs a depth of the well of only 15 cm.

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Heavy duty freight elevator in ATEX zone

This heavy duty freight elevator is mounted and installed in an Atex zone. Heavy industrial doors are applied, as well as a pawl-device and many other special options, so that this elevator can be used intensively, effectively and optimally in its production-surrounding.

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Steel schaft

In some cases a shaft made of steel has many important advantages:

  • Quick installation
  • In many colors
  • Save space