Elevator cages


When a facelift or renovation of an elevator is due, than Lipro offers you the solution. We manufacture cages in a broad variety of sizes and models. Even for newly still to build elevators, when the standard components cannot be used (because of deviant size, damage or dated) Lipro reproduces the parts in a short span of time.

Special cages

When an elevator is being renovated or replaced by a new one there are often special requirements or wishes. That is why Lipro takes care of the engineering, design and production of special and custom made cages. Unusual sizes (like the cage you see in the picture, its sized 6 x 4 metres), specific architectonic requirements, we make the cage completely fitted to the combination of requirements, wishes, design and (technical) possibilities.


Handrails, bumpstrips, control tables, upholstery

Only installing an elevator cage does not make the job complete, the finishing touch is needed. Lipro manufactures and installs the project and then also mounts the finishing parts like:

  • Stainless Steel handrails
  • Stainless Steel control tables and boards
  • Bumpstrips made of hardwood
  • Upholstery

Guaranteed it will be taken good care of. Our own engineers and production staff, as well as our installers, will deliver on demand, almost any size, design and version is possible.