Industrial doors

Lipro manufactures all kind of doors for many application and use, custom made. Very high or extra wide, it is all possible. We can design, draw and produce everything within our own company, and we can take care of the installation, and all within the required or valid standardizations.

Renovated doors

The experience of many years working for the Starlift-factory in Holland we regularly manufacture elevatordoors to use for replacement or expansion of existing Starlift elevators. Versions with one-winged doors and two-winged doors made of stainless steel or Zincor.


Is a replacement or expansion of telescopedoors in existing Starlift elevator due, we can take care of it. If necessary, for example in case of unrepairable damage by vandalism or a fire, we will produce and install the new doors on a very short term.

Aluminum rolling doors

Some of our customers needed a rolling door, therefor we developed an aluminum rolling door as a solution. Sometimes it is difficult or even impossible to use a ‘normal’ door, then this very light to open and practical rolling door is a perfect alternative and an efficient option.