Elevator upholstery


On a daily base Lipro takes care of the upholstery of elevators with copes. Many producers of elevators are our clients for whom we measure, design, draw, manufacture and install the coping, mostly within only a couple of days. Depending on the situation (location and surrounding) and clients wishes the implementation of the copes can vary from a standardcope to a combination of complex geometries. Often we work together with an architect or an interior designer so the copes fit and blend perfectly and aestheticly with the location and its surrounding.

A monumental building, industrial spaces, exhibition rooms of musea: you can count on us to take good care of it. Even fire-resistant models that include a 60 minutes fire-resistant certificate is possible.



Our professional experience with designing, manufacturing and installing the coping of elevators makes us a reliable and skilled partner for fabricating all kinds of big-sized and special fronts.




Sometimes doors, frames or other objects in and around an elevator need a (new) upholstery. Just to make them blend in with the appearance and ambiance of the location. Or for a technical necessity of an (yet to install) elevator. We can provide you with an appropriate solution.

We use stainless steel in a variety of finishing, zincor, brass or skinplate for the production of the coping, fronts and upholstery. Skinplate is a kind of steel that is laminated and available in a variety of colors and patterns. Because of the extensive options the final product always fits beautifully within the location and its surrounding. This is what makes the elevator complete.