Elevators complete

personenliftPassenger lifts

Lipro takes care of the engineering, production and installation of passenger lifts. Designing and building elevators with specific and special demands or technical adjustments is one of our specialisations. Lipro fabricates custom work, based on the demands or wishes of the architect or completely adapted to the purpose of use, design and location.

All the base-components we work with building the elevator are delivered by renowned suppliers, but the use of components delivered by our client is also optional.

Lipro has a modern and extended machine park and works only with a team of very competent and skilled people. That is why we can build the whole interior, the internal and external finish and even the elevatorshaft in our own workshop and assembly hall.

Is an EN81-2 standardization neccessary? That is no challenge for us.



goederenliftFreight elevators

We manufacture freight elevators in many sizes and capacities, even the type of elevators that are needed for use in ATEX zones. Because of our professionals and our years of experience, we can build almost any elevator. For example freight elevators with passenger-guidance, special sizes and liftcapacity. We engineer and produce internal, that is why we are very flexible and why we can respond to specific wishes of our clients or special versions.

You are welcome to contact us for professional advice or a non-binding quotation.




Sometimes it is sufficient to bridge some stairsteps which makes a complete elevator unnecessary. In that case we manufacture a very compact and user friendly solution, the Vertivator. The Vertivator is also available in a big variable range of liftcapacity, colors and materials.


heftafelScissor table

When you wish to lift goods to a limited height, than Lipro offers you a diverse range of scissortables. Scissortables are a beneficial and still very practical and efficient solution. Do you want more information about sizes, capacities and reachable heights, then contact us for advice, tips or a non-binding quotation.


ISO-ASmall goods elevator

A big elevator with a high liftcapacity is not always needed. Lipro manufactures a variety of small goods elevators for lifting the smaller masses. Our small goods elevators offer an efficient solution for use in the catering industry and stores. Do you want more information about these small goods elevators or about the possibilities in use, then contact us. We are glad to help you out.