Passenger lifts with a minimum height in the well

Recently two hydraulic passenger lifts according to EN81-2 are taken in use, with a minimum depth of the well of only 14 cm and yet a speed of 0.8 m / s. It is very rare in the Netherlands that this minimum of depth of well is allowed, but under the conditions in an existing building an exemption is made.

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Lipro has moved to Nederweert

The current three locations of Lipro in Weert move to one new location at the address Mangaanstraat 1, 6031 RT Nederweert. In early August, the entire office will move. Production will move in some phases during the coming months. At the new location, with a production area of ​​almost 2000 m², we can better meet the increasing demand for copings, elevators, (spare)parts and shafts. In the new showroom and instruction room, our customers can see the capabilities of our products, including hydraulic drives and elevator controls. Only the adress has changed, you can reach us at the same phone, fax, email and website

Steel elevatorshaft with a length of 20 meters mounted within 2 hours

For a special application, Lipro designed a goods- and passenger elevator with the entire steel shaft with guiders, controls and engine hanging on the roof of the building. This hydraulically driven lift has a liftingheight of almost 18 meters. The shaft was fully pre-assembled, which allowed the mounting on the spot to proceed very quickly.


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MG-passengerlift in a glass shaft

This passengerlift, build conforming the machine-guidelines, combines a modern and abstract glass shaft with an elevator with cabin-doors. Still this elevator only needs a depth of the well of only 15 cm.

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